340B Program

In our quest to provide the best health care at the lowest price possible, we have partnered with the Kagman Isla Community Health (KICH) to bring the people of the CNMI the 340B Indigent Program, the first available for an outpatient clinic setting in the CNMI. 
Established under Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act, the 340B program requires pharmaceutical manufacturers participating in government programs to sell drugs at discounted prices to federally qualified health centers such as KICH that care for many low-income and uninsured patients in rural communities.
How does this program work?
The 340B program does not require any money from the government or taxpayer dollars. The program is self-funded, through prescriptions filled by insured patients at any of the contract pharmacies. The savings that are accumulated by this program gets dispersed to cover prescriptions for the indigent and uninsured patients.
How can you contribute to our uninsured family and friends?
If you have insurance, including Medicaid, you can help by being seen at the Kagman Isla Community Health and filling your prescriptions at any of our pharmacies. The savings from your prescriptions will help fund those who do not have insurance.
How can this program help me?
If you do not currently have insurance, please proceed to see a provider at the Kagman Isla Community Health, from there a staff member will help make and appointment and sign you up for one of the indigent Care Cards, which can be used at any of our pharmacies.
What is a "Care Card"?
If you qualify for the 340B and have been seen by a provider at KICH, you will be given a Care Card to bring to our pharmacy. The Care Card will be used to help cover your prescription medications.
The 340B program is available to eligible patients who do not have prescription coverage.
To find out if you are eligible or for more information about this program please contact Kagman Isla Community Health at (670)256-5242.

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