PHI Pharmacy's mission is to improve the health and wellness of our CNMI community by making high-quality and innovative pharmacy services safe, affordable, and easy to access to meet their individualized needs. To provide respectful, friendly, and coordinated pharmaceutical services by working alongside other healthcare providers to ensure a personal, consistent, and reliable experience for all.

Congratulations to the employees of the quarter, Shawn Santos and Porsha Kaneshi!
Shawn is PHI's over-the-counter purchaser and someone we can always count on. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
Porsha is our newest certified technician and has been a huge contribution by stepping up to the plate during our continuous staff shortage.
Thank you Shawn and Porsha for your hard work and dedication.

1) Carlos Calvo (50" Westinghouse HD Roku TV) 2) L.I. - Not Pictured ($100 Gift Card) 3) Isaiah Aldan - Tinian ($100 Gift Card) 4) Christine Lorenzo (Gift Basket) 5) Angelito Villovojas (Gift Basket) 6) Joseph Reyes (Gift Basket) 7) Celso Agui (Gift Basket) 8) Elizabeth Lam (Gift Basket) 9) Esther Camacho (Gift Basket) 10) Amelia Shai (Gift Basket) 11) Maria Teresa Garcia (Gift Basket) 12) Michael Babauta (Gift Basket) 13) Ignacio Perez - Tinian (Gift Basket)



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